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White House Building, Kilindini Road, Mombasa

WOMESA Kenya Chapter

WOMESA Kenya is the first national chapter established among 25 member states, affiliated with the Association for Women in the Maritime Sector in Eastern & Southern Africa Region (WOMESA). It was officially launched on March 26, 2010, in Mombasa, a strategic maritime hub. The organization has a comprehensive strategic plan aimed at enhancing gender equality in the maritime sector across Eastern and Southern Africa.

Its objectives include integrating women into mainstream maritime activities, increasing their access to education, training, and career opportunities in the maritime sector, and lobbying for more women in senior management positions. Additionally, WOMESA focuses on promoting quality employment for women in the maritime sector, enhancing inclusion through partnerships and collaborations with development partners, and fostering cooperation, friendship, and understanding through the exchange of knowledge and information dissemination.

WOMESA has been a key advocate for the empowerment of women in the maritime industry, promoting their employment and active involvement in the sector.