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WOMESA Kenya Membership

The Kenya Chapter membership comprises of 50 active and participatory women working in the maritime and transport logistics industry in three levels being:

  • executive level,
  • senior management and
  • middle level

The Executive Committee

The Kenya chapter is governed by an Executive Committee elected by members every two years. The Executive Committee is the decision making and governance organ of the Association.

The current officials are highlighted in the table:

1. Ms. Fiona Mbandi Chairperson Senior Human Resource Officer Change Management – Kenya Ports Authority
2. Ms. Joyce Awino Vice Chairperson Director -Kenya Coast Guard  Service
3. Ms. Winnie Maina Secretary International Maritime Organization.
4. Ms. Sarah Morintat Treasurer Executive Assistant – Kenya Ferry Services Ltd
5. Ms. Rita  Wahiti Marketing and Communications Officer Marketing Executive -Kenya Ports Authority
6. Mrs. Tumaini Namoya Co-opted member Ports and Shipping Services Manager – Kenya Maritime Authority
7. Ms. Betty Makena Co-opted member ITF inspector
8. Ms. Jacqueline Omayio Co-opted member Kenya Ports Authority

Other Committees

In addition, the Association has various sub committees to assist in running its activities.

The same are as here-under;

  1. Mentorship and Career development Committee which is the flagship project of the Association. This has the objective of raising women form a young age and gearing their interests towards the maritime sector. The sole aim of this programme is to ensure that women actively participate in meaningful areas in the maritime sector up to the senior decision making levels.
  2. Resource Mobilization Committee: The main objective is to raise funds on behalf of the Association so as to further its activities.
  3. Training and Capacity Building Committee; this has an objective to propagate for the advancement of members through training and improving of their standards to enhance advancement of women in the maritime industry.
  4. Public Policy and Sector Reforms Committee: The objective is to engage with public institutions on having the requisite policy and law framework to enhance the participation and involvement of women in the maritime sector.
  5. Publicity and Advocacy Committee; has an objective of writing articles and print media on issues related to the maritime sector as well as publicizing objectives of WOMESA in all media (electronic prints, social media and the web). It also advocates for maritime related issues within and without the sector.
  6. Research and Development Committee: Has an objective of identifying research issues and carrying out research related to maritime sector with an aim of enhancing the sector. It also oversees research activities aimed at development of women in the maritime sector.